Ad Lib is working closely with RUMINATE magazine on a cooperative venture for 2012.

The location will be in Fort Collins, September 14-16, 2012

We think you will like this area. To the east are the High Plains and the Pawnee National Grasslands. To the west is the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and the Never Summer Mountains. In town is a popular arts district.

We hope you will find this to be a great opportunity for developing your gifts, skills, and perspectives.
Should you desire to inquire directly, please contact us at: Director's Email

Below is an Ad Lib Retrospective,
beginning with our Vision/Mission Statement.


Ad Lib Mission Statement

Ad Lib is a fellowship of Christians working in, at, and with the arts. We are writers, visual artists, theatrical and musical performers exploring the borderlands where art and faith meet. We welcome all who have a concern to embrace a calling and vocation in the arts in the light of God's creation, grace, and revelation in and through Jesus Christ. We are not concerned to create a specifically "religious art," but rather to allow our faith and fellowship to inform artistic life that is true to God's love and the realities of the created world and the human condition.

          From the beginning AD LIB has embraced the concept of Sabbath. The retreat is a prayerful time of thinking and learning, critique and relationship. It is a place to bring your work to share and discuss. We balance focused presentations with response and free time for personal growth and creative work.

Our formula is simple. We find a place where we can imbibe beauty...





We invite people to create, in a moment of time, a fellowship of the arts...



We draw instruction and inspiration from those who have embraced the arts ...



We end by letting beauty flow through us.