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2018 April 25

The Wrath of Elihu (1805), from the Butts Set
William Blake (1757-1827)
Romanticism Style
The Morgan Library, and Museum, New York, New York, USA
Image Source:

     [ Illustration: Today's image captures the animated spirit of Elihu which is evident in the text. I interpret the fifth figure in the drawing, seated in a fetal position, with the face hidden behind the knees, as Job's wife. Although Scripture does not place her at the scene of the dialogues, it is a possibility; and it is well within Blake's artistic license to depict all five of the principal characters of the book in a single scene. Moreover, if my interpretation is correct, it would be consistent with the grieving process for Job's wife to go from the bitterness and anger in the first part of the book to the apparent despair we see in Blake's drawing. This depression would especially be aggravated if she had heard the horrific accusations hurled against her husband by his closest friends. She too lost everything, including the affirmation and support of the closest friends of the family.
     Job's three accusers stopped trying to answer him because he was righteous in his own eyes. However, this kindled the wrath of Elihu, who had been silent up to this time. His wrath was mentioned four times directly, and once indirectly -- verses 2, 3, 5, 18-20). He was furious because Job had justified himself rather than God, and because the accusers had condemned Job but could not find sufficient reasons to condemn him (1-5).
     Elihu said that he had kept silent because he was younger than the disputants and was afraid to speak. But he noted that understanding comes from the Almighty, not from age; and the aged do not always understand judgment. Therefore, he asked them to listen while he showed them his opinion (6-10).
     He said that he had waited for their words, but no one was able to convict Job or to answer him. He said conviction was a task for God, alluding, perhaps, to the inspiration, mentioned in verse 8, which God gives to man's spirit (and, perhaps, to Elihu's spirit). Also, Elihu said that Job had not directed his words against him; therefore he would not answer Job in the way his accusers answered him (11-14).
     When they heard this, they were amazed; and they maintained their silence (15).
     He was moved to speak by an inward, constraining impulse arising from a fullness which made him feel that he would burst if he did not speak and find refreshment. He said he would not accept anyone's person, nor would he give flattering titles to them lest his Maker would take him away (16-22).


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     Explanation: Job 32 introduces us to Elihu, who up to this point in the narrative had remained silent. He was stirred to wrath by the words of Job and of his three accusers. In verse 14 he makes it clear that he had no personal quarrel with Job; so he would not enter into the personal aspect of the controversy between Job and his accusers. Rather he would reason differently with all of them.

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          [ THEMATICALLY AND CHRONOLOGICALLY RELATED SCRIPTURES: Job 32: Job 33; Job 34; Job 35; Job 36; Job 37.].
[1] Genesis 22:21; Jeremiah 25:23; Ruth 4:19; Job 3:26; Job 6:10; Job 6:29; Job 10:7; Job 13:15; Job 19:6; Job 23:7; Job 23:10-12; Job 27:6; Job 29:12.
[2] Job 19:6; Job 13:16; Job 9:2; Job 9:28; Job 23:3.
[4] Job 34:7-10; Job 34:35-37; Job 37:22.
[8] Genesis 2:7.
[9] Job 32:6; Job 12:2.
[19] Matthew 9:17.
[22] Job 32:18-19.
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Job Detailed Outline

The Book of Job


2085 B.C., Uz

The wisdom and blessing of exercising faith during undeserved suffering

Job 32

Map 1: Bible Nations | Map 2: Empire of David and Solomon Map 3: Kingdoms of Judah and Israel | Post Exile Chronology.

2. The Debate About Job's Affliction (Job 2:11 - Job 37:24)

c. Round 3 (Job 22:1 - Job 31:40)

1). Eliphaz Replies to Job (Job 22:1 - Job 22:30)
(You have done evil to others; return to God.)

2). Job Replies to Eliphaz (Job 23:1 - Job 24:6 )
(If I could come before God I could persuade him of my innocence.
Some of those who know God perish as do some of the wicked.)

3). Bildad Replies to Job (Job 25:1 - Job 25:6 )
(How can anyone be righteous?)

4). Job Replies to Bildad (Job 26:1 - Job 31:40)
(You have been of no help.
God has denied me justice.
May my enemies be like the wicked who perish suddenly.
Man does not understand wisdom.
I long for my past blessings, but mockers surround me.
I have obeyed God.)

2. The Monologue of Elihu (Job 32:1 - Job 37:24)
God alone is just.
Your sins do not hurt him, and your righteousness does not profit him.
You have no right to demand a trial before God. God is beyond our reach and exalted in power.

     1 So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes. 2 Then was kindled the wrath of Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram: against Job was his wrath kindled, because he justified himself rather than God. 3 Also against his three friends was his wrath kindled, because they had found no answer, and yet had condemned Job. 4 Now Elihu had waited till Job had spoken, because they were elder [aged of days] than he. 5 When Elihu saw that there was no answer in the mouth of these three men, then his wrath was kindled.
     6 And Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite answered and said, I am young, and ye are very old [old of days]; wherefore I was afraid, and durst not shew you mine opinion. 7 I said, Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom. 8 But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. 9 Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment. 10 Therefore I said, Hearken to me; I also will shew mine opinion.
     11 Behold, I waited for your words; I gave ear to your reasons, whilst ye searched out what to say. 12 Yea, I attended unto you, and, behold, there was none of you that convinced Job, or that answered his words: 13 Lest ye should say, We have found out wisdom: God thrusteth him down, not man. 14 Now he hath not directed his words against me: neither will I answer him with your speeches.
     15 They were amazed, they answered no more: they left off speaking. 16 When I had waited, (for they spake not, but stood still, and answered no more;) 17 I said, I will answer also my part, I also will shew mine opinion. 18 For I am full of matter, the spirit within me constraineth me. 19 Behold, my belly is as wine which hath no vent; it is ready to burst like new bottles. 20 I will speak, that I may be refreshed: I will open my lips and answer. 21 Let me not, I pray you, accept any man's person, neither let me give flattering titles unto man. 22 For I know not to give flattering titles; in so doing my maker would soon take me away.

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