Photograph by Don Navarro:
Richard Terrell: His recent book, Christ, Faith, and the Holocaust, has been released by WestBow Press. Richard is a retired professor of Fine Arts and Humanities at Doane College, Crete, NB. He is a painter, author, and theater performer. In addition, he is the Director of Ad Lib. In Christ, Faith, and the Holocaust, Richard answers the accusation that Christian faith as embodied in the New Testament promoted anti-Semitism and led Christians to turn a blind eye to Nazi atrocities. Richard shows that faithful Christians, motivated by Christ's love, stood in opposition to the evils of the Nazi regime.

Gretchen Hayward Sousa: Her fifth volume of poetry, The Soul's Habitation, has recently been released by Cloudbank Books, an imprint of Bedbug Press. Greta has had her poetry commended by Norman Corwin, and has studied with Mark Strand and Robert Peters, among others. She has received top awards from American Pen Women and the San Diego Christian Writers' Guild, and has been published in a number of literary journals.
Jean Janzen, a highly respected poet, one of our first two Ad Lib speaker-teachers, says of Greta's work:"These are shimmering poems, full of motion and luminous life. [They] are gifts that reinforce one's faith in the power of poetry to evoke the mystery and hope of our existence."
Gretchen has attended Ad Lib twice, and we are proud to feature her very fine work. Her book is available through Amazon or through Cloudbank Books.

James Calvin Schaap: includes among his work, the novels Romey's Place, In the Silence There Are Ghosts, The Secrets of Barneveld Calvary, and most recently, Touches the Sky, a novel that concerns the 1890 Ghost Dance phenomenon and the Wounded Knee Massacre. Touches the Sky was given an Award of Merit by Christianity Today, as a part of their 2003 book awards, the only novel so noted.
A quote from Amazon: "Seen through the eyes of Jan and his wife, Dalitha, Touches the Sky probes a clash of cultures, lifestyle, and ways to know God and practice faith. Absorbing and sensitive, it seeks to understand the making of the West, the depths of humanity, and a God whom Jan admits can seem as vast and unknown as the prairie. James Calvin Schaap is a professor of English at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. Christianity Today declared his last novel, Romey's Place, one of the best books of 1999. He has also received five top Evangelical Press Association fiction awards and four Associated Church Press awards."
Among his other books is a collection of short fiction, Paternity, stories about fathers and their children, and Fifty-Five and Counting: Essays and Stories. He has been teaching literature and writing at Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa, for almost thirty years. His books are available through Amazon or Dordt College.

RuthAnn Ridley has written several books and numerous magazine articles. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Baylor University with a degree in music. She is a classical pianist and is currently working on her second novel, an excerpt of which appears in our Ad Lib book, By Their Fruits.
Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh, composer and author of The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers, states: "RuthAnn Ridley's work captures the true essence of Bach's life and beliefs. One might imagine a time machine which Ridley uses to record the fascinating conversations of this master musician. An inspiring book for any music lover."
RuthAnn has attended several Ad lib retreats, and has graced us both with her elegant "teas" and an "evening with Bach." RuthAnn is a resident of Colorado Springs, CO.
Sebastian was published by last fall by QUIDDITY PRESS, and is available from the web site: It is also available at Amazon.

Ethel Herr is a well-known speaker, teacher, and founder/director of Literature Ministry Fellowship. She has authored a series of three novels, as well as Chosen Women Of The Bible; The Seekers Series, An Introduction To Christian Writing; , and this newest work, Lord, Show Me Your Glory. She was formerly Associate Director of Ad Lib. In addition to her fiction and non-fiction books, her poetry has appeared in magazines and books over the past 25 years. Ethel lives near the Bay area of California.
Calvin Miller says, "Lord, show me your glory, I am too much in need to live in lesser light. I have read Ethel Herr, and I can see, O Lord, she has seen your glory. Give us all such vision."
Lord, Show Me Your Glory is published by Christian Publications, Inc. Several copies of this book are available from Ad Lib. Please contact Judith at It is also available at

Judith Deem Dupree is the author of Going Home, I Sing America, and Living With What Remains. She is founding director of Ad Lib, a retreat for the arts. She writes poetry, fiction, and whatever comes to mind. Judith teaches creative writing at workshops, and she and her husband have developed QUIDDITY PRESS in order to publish occasional quality works with market limitations. They reside in a small mountain village near San Diego, CA.
Living With What Remains
"Best Poetry Book, 2005" -- USABookNews
     "A lovely, moving, wise collection. With keen and loving attention to the lush complexities of the natural scene, with genuine concern for its every denizen, Judith Deem Dupree walks with eyes wide open, offering both words of praise and of consolation for all, sharing the wisdom that 'what remains' also sustains."
- Scott Cairns
More information is available at

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